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Surface Finishing in the Textile Industry

Application Range

Industry-Specific Requirements

In the processing chain that starts with the raw material (cotton, wool, etc.) and ends with a high-quality fabric, extremely high demands are imposed on the machinery. Machine parts that come in contact with the product must be very robust for high quality to be maintained over the entire service life of the tools. These parts also cannot exhibit any sharp edges or burrs and must be very wear-resistant. Metal surfaces enabling unimpeded thread passage are a prerequisite for high product quality and economically efficient use of the machinery.

Our Solutions for the Textile Industry

Deburring and Polishing for Thread-Smooth Surfaces

Unlike mechanical machining techniques (e.g., grinding and honing), chemical deburring does not involve mechanical loading and heating of part surfaces. With it, inaccessible edges and corners can be reached and treated very effectively. Roughness is reduced and surface defects are eliminated, leading to improved fatigue strength behavior of parts. Rounding of the edges creates thread-smooth surfaces.


Surface Treatment for Greater Functionality

Gloss, roughness, cleaning properties, and corrosion behavior are optimized through electropolishing. A part can achieve its full functionality with an electropolished surface. Sharp edges on surfaces can be reliably deburred and rounded as a function of the edge angle.

For the textile industry, ElpoChem offers surface treatments and surface finishing solutions for the following metals:
  • Carbon steel
    Chemical deburring and polishing, pickling, passivating

  • Stainless steel
    Electropolishing, pickling, passivation

ElpoChem Services
  • Consulting, Conceptual Design, Project Planning

  • Sample processing

  • Process Engineering

  • Support for Customer Plants

(For a description of services, see ElpoChem, Services  -->)

Oberflächenbehandlung Textilindustry
Oberflächenbehandlung Textilindustry
Oberflächenbehandlung Textilindustry

We would be happy to advise you on your specific surface application:

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