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Surface Finishing in Apparatus Construction

Application Range

Industry-Specific Requirements

Stringent quality requirements are imposed on the production of mixing and storage containers, process chambers, piping systems, heat exchangers, etc. (for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries, vacuum technology and cryogenic technology, and many other areas).


The aim of classic apparatus construction is to manufacture cost-optimized apparatuses with properties that meet the specified requirements concerning corrosion behavior for the given media, pressure, and temperature. Apart from suitable materials selection, use of a suitable welding method, and a sufficient quality of workmanship, the surface treatment, as the last processing step, is given high priority. Roughness, microbial growth, and cleaning requirements should be minimal.

Our Solutions for Apparatus Construction

Surface Deburring and Polishing, Functionality Enhancement

Gloss, roughness, and cleaning and corrosion properties are optimized and the microbial growth rate is drastically reduced through electropolishing. A part can achieve its full functionality with an electropolished surface. Sharp-edged surfaces are also reliably deburred and polished.


Surface Finishing

The part is pickled for removal of scale and other contaminants.

Pickling sustainably improves the corrosion resistance, especially in stainless steel. Proper pickling results in bare metal surfaces and weld seams that are free of scale and discoloration.


Surface Passivation for Corrosion Protection

Through the passivation process, the corrosion potential of the metal surfaces is greatly reduced, whereas the other material properties remain unchanged.

In the field of apparatus construction, ElpoChem offers surface treatments and surface finishing solutions for the following metals:
  • Stainless steel
    Electropolishing, pickling, passivation

  • Titanium
    Electropolishing, pickling, passivation

  • Aluminum
    Electropolishing, pickling

ElpoChem Services
  • Consulting, Conceptual Design, Project Planning

  • Sample processing

  • Process Engineering

  • Support for Customer Plants

(For a description of services, see ElpoChem, Services  -->)

Pharmaindustrie Oberflächen veredeln
Oberflächenveredelung Apparatebau
Pharmaceutical Machinery Oberflächen
Pharmaindustrie Oberflächen veredeln

We would be happy to advise you on your specific surface application:

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