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Surface Finishing in Locking Technology

Application Range

Industry-Specific Requirements

Locking technology is and will remain an important element in ensuring the safety of people, facilities, and property. In the past the installed systems were solely mechanical, but today mechatronic locking systems are usually used for enhanced safety and comfort.


Now even greater demands are placed on the mechanical components. The locking cylinders are more mechanically complex and must be absolutely free of swarf and machining burrs in order to function properly over the space of decades as well as have aesthetically pleasing surfaces.

Our Solutions for Locking Technology

Deburring and Polishing for Fine, Shiny Surfaces

Unlike mechanical machining techniques (e.g., grinding and honing), chemical deburring does not involve mechanical loading and heating of part surfaces. With it, inaccessible edges and corners can be reached and treated very effectively. Burrs arising from longitudinal milling and transverse drilling are completely removed and surface defects are eliminated. The roughness is also reduced and a shiny, visually attractive part is produced.


Surface Treatment for Greater Functionality

Gloss, roughness, cleaning properties, and corrosion behavior are optimized through electropolishing. A part can achieve its full functionality with an electropolished surface. Sharp-edged surfaces can be reliably deburred and polished.

In the field of locking technology, ElpoChem offers surface treatment and surface finishing solutions for the following metals:
  • Stainless steel
    Electropolishing, pickling, passivation

  • Copper and copper alloys
    Electropolishing, chemical deburring, pickling, passivation

ElpoChem Services
Schlosszylinder oberflächenveredelt
Sicherheitsschloss chemisch poliert
ElpoChem Schlosszylinder veredelt
ElpoChem chemisch entgratet
ElpoChem Schlüssel elektropoliert
Kaba Schlosszylinder
  • Consulting, Conceptual Design, Project Planning

  • Sample processing

  • Process Engineering

  • Support for Customer Plants

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We would be happy to advise you on your specific surface application:

Telephone +41 44 980 30 30

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